The commune recognizes how important  is an active recovery having a direct impact on health and quality of life. The commune provides its residents  a very good infrastructure for sports facilities.  Playing fields, sports halls , five grass football pitches , the central commune stadium  located in Kleszczów and the one full-size   football pitch  with artificial lighting make the  sports base of the commune . There are also several tennis courts, playing fields for team games and recreational squares in  villages of the commune.


Sports Club LKS Omega Kleszczów

 Undoubtedly sport is in the commune  inseparably associated with a sports club LKS Omega Kleszczów, established in 1992. At the beginning of  activity of the club there were  three sections: cycling, football and table tennis. In following years were established section of athletics, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, swimming and karate which achieved significant results.
Players  of the club managed to win not only  district and regional competitions but also countrywide championships.
The foundation actively cooperates with the club  in many areas of sports activity. It  helps to organize  various sports events such as "Kleszczów 5" that is the national 5 km road race with a licence of PZLA, considered to be the fastest  road race on this distance organized in Poland.
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Recreational and  Sports Centre Solpark

 In 2009, we launched the largest investment  in the commune of Kleszczów - a recreational and sports centre called Solpark.  Solpark   is adapted to  training camps and sports preparations. Repeatedly hosted in Solpark  national  youth football and volleyball teams as well as the top leagues clubs  from various sport disciplines. In Solpark  regular are  held  sports children's camps including camps of well-known clubs such as Real Madrid. Every day  Solpark is a perfect place to recovery  for inhabitants as well as for  a large number of visitors where we can spend free time  and use  swimming pools,  wellness center, bowling alley  and other facilities .
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 Since 2015 the Foundation has  involved in  popularization and development of e-Sport in Kleszczów.  A special room was adopted and  equipped with  hardware and with high speed Internet, where both adults and children  explore with the help of trainer  secrets and strategies of online computer games. In the near future will take place a high rank tournament  with participation of many well-known  e-Sport teams.

Motorcycle race Red Bull Megawatt

In the context of major sports events it is impossible not to mention a massive  motorcycle race  ,,Enduro,, which is the largest motocross in Central  and  Eastern  Europe . This race takes place every year in Kleszczów  on the area of  ,,KWB Bełchatów,, coal mine.  The best motorcyclist of the globe  participate in this  mega spectacular sports event  at the highest level.
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